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Group Attempting to Take Over Other IE Groups and Organizations

posted Aug 30, 2011, 8:22 AM by Korben Kirscht
We normally do not like responding to negative information, but there is another group that recently started up in the IE who are attempting to take over and claim the names of other groups within the IE.  Including ours.  They claim that they are the "REAL" "Inland Empire Community Center" while at the same time they are saying that we are fakes.

Folks, we have been around for almost 3 years now serving the diverse IE community.  We have provided events and assistance to hundreds of community members over those years.  These people have only been around for a few months and they are attempting to destroy our community.

These people call themselves the "Inland Empire Pride" or IEP for short, but they also claim that they own the rights to just about anything and everything else gay in the IE.  Just check out their Facebook page where they claim to have trademarked and copyrighted just about every organization name in the IE.  We have not wronged IEP in any way, but we refuse to give up our right to use the name that we have for the past 3 years just because someone else claims that they own the name.