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Lesbian and Women

Inland Empire Lesbian and Women's Resources

The Lesbian Podcast

Our hope is that we attract listeners not just from San Francisco but from all walks of life, all over the world.   People who are questioning their sexuality or who live in a place with no lesbian subculture.

 Get involved with The Lesbian Podcast!

Do you have blogging experience? Do you make your own videos? Or maybe something cool is going on in your town that you want The Lesbian Podcast to know about?  If so, please get in touch with us for more details on how you can be involved.  We are currently looking for people to provide content for our new website and we're always interested in happenings that affect our community.  Simply use the form below to get in touch with us.

iElleNet is the support and resource network for business and professional women in the Inland area. It provides a venue to socialize, network, and provide resources within the local community. We meet once a month in various locations throughout the Inland Empire.

Somewhere in the world there must exist an institution where Lesbians can go to learn how to be a proper Lesbian. There will be woodworking classes, workshops to learn all about the different types of denim and flannel, and an extra credit course you can take to help you make your work boots match your outfits. The one class that is required by all attendees will be how to shake hands properly without crushing the crap out of everyone you meet.