Bullying in our schools has grown out of control.  Kids are torturing each other by mental and physical means.  Some children end up being murdered as a result of harrassment, while others who cannot deal with the mental anguish and torture any longer end up committing suicide.

We try to provide information here to help children and parents with children who are bullied.  We provide advice that is not retaliatory or physical in nature.

Join us in helping children who are being bullied.  Give us your comments and let us know if our advice has helped your situation in any way.

Please note that as of 5/12/2011, this is a work-in-progress.  So please check back every couple of days.

When faced with a bullying situation, do not resort to violence or retaliation.  Instead, use the legal system to put a stop to it!  Our advice deals mostly with children and advice to their parents, but this advice could easily be applied to adult situations.

The First Step

Parental Involvement -   It is very important that the parents be involved in each step.  The school administration and parents must take this situation seriously.

Take Notes - When your child is being bullied at school, begin by keeping a little notebook where you document what has happened to your child and when.  It's also a good idea to email the events as they happen to yourself to prevent losing the information.  This information may prove valuable later if the situation becomes more serious.

Contact the School -  You need to start off by being positive and non-confrontational, no matter how upset and angry you might be.  Even though the positive approach does not always work, you will find the other parties being more cooperative in most situations.  You will need to write a constructive, yet firm letter to the school informing them of the problem and asking for their help in putting a end to the problem.  You are asking them for help, while offering your own help and cooperation.

Be sure to send the letter certified with return receipt requested.  You might need that signature in the future if things do escalate further.  The signature will prevent the school administrators from denying any knowledge of the problem.

In the letter, include the information from the incident log which you have been keeping.  Who was involved, what happened and when.

Note:  We'll have some sample letters here soon.

The Second Step

If the problem continues you must now become firm, but procedural.  Using the legal system is going to be much more constructive than confrontation.  Hopefully you have continued to keep your incident log.

Write a second letter to the school, but this time the letter must be more firm and direct.  Inform the school that you have tried to take a positive approach to the problem, but now you must consider legal action.