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This page is dedicated to those people of the GLBT / LGBT community of faith.  Not one single religion of denomination, but for those who have a spiritual and spiritual beliefs.
We are starting off the page with GLBT / LGBT Christians.  If you are of another faith or belief, let us know.  Everyone should be included.
Many churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations are listed in our online directory.  See the link in the menu to the left, titled "LGBT Organizations".

National Jewish Organizations
National Christian Organizations 
National & International Muslim Organizations
 National & International Hindu Organizations
National & International Buddhist Organizations

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We Serve:
Gay Catholics (Dignity)                         Lesbian Catholics
Gay Christians (Christianity)                  Lesbian Christians
Gay Muslims / Islamists (Islam)             Lesbian Muslims
Gay Buddhists (Buddhism)                    Lesbian Buddhists
Gay Hindus (Hinduism)                         Lesbian Hindus
Gay Sikhs (Sikhism)                             Lesbian Sikhs
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