Potluck and Kickback Night


OK fellow IE Osos (Bears). Let's revive the group and bring them back to the IE.


What is It:

This will be our first potluck as the group aka. "Osos Del Sol".


Have some dinner, a few beers, and have fun kicking back. If you don't feel like cooking or bringing a dish, just kick in $10 and we'll take care of it. But you gotta bring your own beer.


Who's Invited:

Everyone, Bears and Admirers, Osos and

Admirers, Cubs, Otters and the like.


About Osos Del Sol (from their website)

Osos Del Sol, Southern California Latino Bears, was formed in 2002 and is a non-profit charitable

organization. Through our fundraising activities, we have contributed to charities servicing the local community. Centered in the Greater Los Angeles Area, we service the entire Southern California region.

Osos Del Sol translated from Spanish means “Bears of the Sun” describing bears encompassing all of Latin America . ODS was formed to provide a more diverse variety of functions for the Latino Bear community than were previously available. In doing so, we promote camaraderie while supporting charitable causes and fostering community involvement.

We understand the Latino culture and are sensitive to its values concerning being gay. Osos Del Sol activities are mostly social events like BBQ's, Dodger games, Brunches, Movies, Dance fundraisers, Pride Festivals, and Road trips.

Visit http://meetup.ie-glbt.com/ to RSVP and location.